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The Sunshiine Environment Link Innovations:
Technology and Sustainability Updates:

The Earth Charter:

The Earth Charter is a vision for the future!
The Earth Charter is a document created similar
to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. It is based on sustainability, equality, and the hope for future generations.

Check it out at:
Earth Charter

Sustainability Websites:


UN Summit on Sustainable Development 

 International Council on Trade and Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Lectures

Electric Car News and Technology Updates:
Electric cars are ecologically safe and are estimated to get anywhere from 60 to 80 miles per gallon!!
Check out the latest Eco-Cars
General Motors
EV World: The World of Electric,Hybrid & Fuel Cell Vehicles
Electric Cars &Alternate Fuel Cars
Hybrid ElectricVehicles
ev archive - onramp
Energy and Conservation:
Energy policy and conservation efforts are the hot political debate of the year 2009. It is often said "conservation is not only a personal virtue, but an cost effective means to lowering overall energy output worldwide." Conservation is not a new term or concept. However, the way the term is being applied to new energy technologies is. Recently, GE has invented new energy efficient lightbulbs which last twice as long as standard lightbulbs and reduce your monthly energy bill. Many companies across the country have also began implementing conservation of energy plans in order to not only reduce costs, but to help the environment as well. Whether conservation is a personal choice or considered a cost effective means to reducing company cost is still in debate, however, one thing remains certain conservation makes sense!!

Check it out at:
Portal to environmental, sustainability & community resources online
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
Positive Energy Conservation
Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development: Municipal Energy Introduction
Energy Guide
Solar Energy Network

Environment and Technology Websites:
UNEP: Enviornment and Technology
Global Environment and Technology
Society and Environment Website

Renewable Energy Information:
The Source for Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy World

Video on Sustainable Development and the Environment
Agenda 21 - Clear and Present Danger?? (A thought provoking piece).
Sierra Club